The “cim i tomba” recipe

Over time, the “cim i tomba” recipe has evolved, especially since it has been taken to the restaurant tables, where each cook prepares the dish according to his own interpretation, but here are the basic instructions to be able to prepare it at home.


1 kg of potatoes
1 kg of ray (or monkfish, or turbot)
5 cloves of garlic
1 onion
2 tomatoes
olive oil
2 liters of water
1 sprout of thyme
1 kg rock fish
1 head of garlic


First of all, we prepare the fish broth. We put water to boil in a pot with some salt, the thyme and the rock fish. We will let it boil for an hour. While the fish broth is boiling, we will mash the garlic cloves. We will put them also in the pot where the fish broth boils, and then we will make a sautéed mixture of finely chopped onion and tomato and also add it. Once the fish broth is made, we will strain it and keep it separately. Then we take the ray, peel it and cut it into pieces, flour it and fry it. With the same oil where we have fried the ray, we will also fry the potatoes. We take a clay casserole, put in a layer of potatoes, the ray and another layer of potatoes on top. We put it over the fire and add a little of the fish broth, without covering it. We will shake the pot and with a spoon we keep soaking the ray with the broth, leaving it to boil for five minutes. Then we put the aioli on top, which we will have already prepared with the head of garlic and the olive oil, we will stir the pot again and when it starts boiling again, we cover it, remove it from the heat and we have it ready to eat.