Tossa’s cuisine

The cuisine of Tossa has been clearly influenced by the characteristics of its own region, but at the same time, the passage of time, the influence of different cultures and the life conditions of its people are what have kept it in constant evolution, shaping a proper local gastronomy, with similarities to that of our neighbour villages, but also with remarkable differences.

Home cooking has traditionally been passed on from mothers to daughters, but also from skippers to young sailors or from coal managers to their young colliers.

The mixture of sea and land products and how they were prepared in all these different backgrounds has led to a cuisine based on fish but also with a lot of vegetables, pulses, meats and fruits, often cooked in a casserole with a carefully elaborated sofregit (sautéed mixture of finely chopped vegetables such as onion, garlic, tomato and pepper, etc), and with the final touch provided by les picades (mashed garlic, herbs and ground nuts), which adds its most characteristic flavour.

Another peculiar detail of Tossa’s cuisine is that dark chocolate is used in the “picada” sauces in several seafood and Sea and Mountain dishes, such as stuffed squid and Tossa-style meatballs.

Our most traditional dish is “cim i tomba”, a fish, potato and vegetable dish that used to be prepared on board by local fishermen when they had to spend long hours at sea.