The Municipal Museum

Plaça Roig i Soler, 1 (Vila Vella) – Phone No. 00 34 972 340 709

The Municipal Museum, in the former Governor’s House, opened on 1st September 1935 to become the first contemporary art gallery in Spain.

Artists had always been drawn to Tossa and the beauty of its landscape had inspired many late 19th-century works. In the first half of the nineteen-thirties, however, the town began to attract artists of all descriptions and backgrounds and became for a while an avant-garde centre. Catalan artists Rafael Benet and Pere Creixams, who already spent periods in Tossa, were joined by well-known artists from abroad such as Marc Chagall, André Masson and Georges Kars, who came to live and work in the town. Some of these artists stayed on right up to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, which effectively brought this particularly fruitful period to a close. Before the onset of this grim period of our history, however, a group of art loving intellectuals founded the Municipal Museum in order to preserve the creative output of the moment, as well as the archaeological heritage from the Els Ametllers Roman villa.

The museum houses nowadays a major art collection and many archaeological findings from the villa.