Sa Riera Park

Sa Riera Park is a green and flat public space that spreads along Tossa’s river, has an extension of 12.355 acres and is only 500 metres away from the town centre. In this park you will find a diverse environment of great natural value, offering a wide range of possibilities to walk, rest or spend a good time with the whole family.

You will discover the typical Mediterranean vegetation with evergreen oaks, cork oaks and pine trees; riverside vegetation with alder trees and black poplars; the river itself as the axis of the park; and even a small artificial pond with the sort of plants and animals that you could find in any swampy area. There are also a couple of monumental and centenarian trees: the pine tree known as “el pi de Can Martí”, and the oak called “el roure del Bon Retir”.

The park offers several facilities such as: benches, litter bins, tables, a water spring, swings, a sport track, open air health equipment, a recycling centre, a leisure fenced area for dogs and an animal shelter. It is also located next to Tossa’s sports area, enclosing a sports pavilion, an indoor swimming pool, a football ground with artificial grass and two paddle courts.

Terrassans Park

Created on a space that used to be agricultural, the Terrassans Park is a green area located between the Puerto Rico Avenue and the road leading to Lloret, with a surface of about a hectare.

The paved path that goes through the park defines a nice area for walking and rest. Holm oaks, tamarisks and hackberry trees were planted surrounding this main point. These trees are the charm of the central area of the park.

The typical Mediterranean vegetation from the sides is a characteristic combination of cork trees and pines, together with bushes such as mastic tree, strawberry tree or laurustinus.

The area also has a children playground, a small pond, a leisure fenced area for dogs and a drinking fountain.