The Cadiretes massif

The Cadiretes massif is a nature and wildlife reserve located on the coast of the Girona province and extending over almost the totality of Tossa’s boundary and part of the nearby villages.

It is a mountainous territory, and the higher mountain is the Puig de Cadiretes with 519 m. The small valleys and hollows of the massif are furrowed with river-beds, which are dry during the summer. Due to the type of terrain, however, there are springs which provide water throughout the year. This water makes possible that flora and fauna typical from central-European areas are also found here. The alternation of central-European species with genuine Mediterranean communities constitutes one of the main ecological attractions of this massif.

The coast, with a total of 6 km under preservation, is particularly abrupt and of great landscape beauty. To get to know the area we suggest you to take the winding road to Sant Feliu de Guíxols. This road traverses the massif from one end to the other along the coast. At the level of Salions bay a road leading to Llagostera village crosses the mountain in a westerly direction. Taking this road, one reaches the sanctuary of Sant Grau, from which there is a magnificent view.

Another possibility to get to know the Cadiretes Massif is by using the marked footpaths, suitable for going on foot or mountain bike.

We recommend you to wear suitable footwear, to take some water for the way and not to go along unmarked footpaths unless accompanied by a guide. Remember that you are in a natural habitat and that the environment, the flora and the fauna must be respected. Avoid making unnecessary noise, don’t throw away any litter, and don’t forget that it is not allowed to light any fires.

Massís de Cadiretes Ardenya