Get inspired by Marc Chagall’s Blue Paradise

Feast your eyes on Tossa’s blues.

Discover the characteristic Mediterranean blue of the coastal villages. Here in Tossa, this blue forms part of a landscape so captivating it bewitched Chagall in 1934, trapping him in what he called his ‘blue paradise’.

It was in this paradise that he was inspired to paint The Celestial Violinist, a work in which he evokes the landscape of his childhood through a window frame painted in bright blues.

The coastal paths

With the scent of sea salt, rosemary and thyme, the coastal paths (Camins de Ronda) of Tossa are now modest footpaths carving their way through scenery so imposing you can’t help but feel the insignificance of humanity: cliffs falling abruptly into the sea, pine woods sprouting in the most unlikely places, and coves that have sought out a space among the rocks, opening out to the immensity of our own dear sea.

Tossa’s miradors

Do you like coming face-to-face with the immensity of nature? Are you someone who enjoys losing yourself in the grandeur of unique landscapes? Does the idea of peeking timidly at the Mediterranean from a balcony appeal to you? Are you awed and moved by panoramic views? Do you like to sit and enjoy yourself without having one eye on the clock? If the answer is yes, then you’re going to love these miradors.

Mirador de Sa Gavina (the Seagull’s mirador)
Natural viewpoints on the southern coastal path
The Joanàs Tower, an iconic tower
Tossa Lighthouse, a viewpoint of the coast
Cadiretes, for those who want to do physical activity and admire the views
The Vila Vella cannons
Es Codolar cove, a secluded landscape
Ava Gardner’s little square, a cinema-themed mirador

Our Instagramables

In the past, sailors told stories of the places they’d been to, explorers wrote about them in their diaries, and artists captured them in their works.

As a 21st-century traveller, you won’t be going anywhere without your phone – you like to share those moments with people or to make them dream. In Tossa you’ll find a whole host of Instagram-worthy places that are special, emblematic, authentic, beautiful, picturesque, and original, full of history, for wanderers, for romantics, for families, or for taking a few selfies.

Share them with #TossaBlueParadise and we’ll see them through your eyes!

Preserving these spaces is also up to you!

Thank you for being responsible enough to allow all of us today, and future generations, to enjoy the sceneries of these unique places just as they are now.

The Babel of the Arts

From 1930 to 1936, Tossa was a magnet for artists of all disciplines and origins and it became an important avant-garde hub. In addition to the local artists already living in Tossa, including Rafael Benet and Pere Créixams, prestigious artists like Marc Chagall, André Masson and Georges Kars lived and worked in the town for long periods of time. It was such an eclectic period that Rafael Benet described Tossa as “The Babel of the Arts”.

To display some of the works created by these and other artists’ during their time in Tossa, on 1 September 1935 the Municipal Museum of Tossa was opened, where Marc Chagall’s Celestial Violinist (or light-blue violinist), among other works, is on display.

This productive period was unfortunately interrupted by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.


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