Tossa’s essentials

Tossa de Mar offers you a whole host of things to see and do. These are the ones you can’t miss

Walk on top of a wall with over eight centuries of history

Declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1931, the walled enclosure of the Vila Vella is the emblem of the municipality. It is currently the only remaining fortified mediaeval village on the Catalan coast.

Built in the early 13th century to protect the town from pirate attacks, the original enclosed area, with its battlements, has remained almost entirely intact.

Wandering leisurely through the Vila Vella (‘Old Town’) of Tossa de Mar invariably delights the senses. It is an unforgettable experience packed with unexpected discoveries.

Discover the old smugglers’ paths of the Mediterranean

The coastal paths (Camins de Ronda) are beside the sea and run along the coastline of the Costa Brava from Portbou to Blanes. Their name comes from the expression “fer la ronda” (doing the rounds), as these steep paths were used for coastal surveillance. Its proximity to France made this coastline perfect for smuggling, which was why these paths were used by the carabiners (police) to control smuggling, which was mainly of tobacco.

Try “cim i tomba”, Tossa’s most popular seafood dish

Tossa’s seafaring origins have left us the legacy of boat cuisine, prepared on board the trawlers and the teranyines (local night fishing vessels) when fishers had to spend long hours at sea.

One of the boat dishes with the strongest ties to the fishers of Tossa is “cim i tomba”, which, having been prepared by generations of seafarers, can now be found on the Vila’s restaurant menus as a local speciality.

Take a stroll through the old fisher’s neighbourhood

The traditional fisher’s quarter Sa Roqueta, with its humble houses and flowery corners, emerged with the village’s expansion beyond its walls in the 16th century. Built beside Es Codolar beach, a natural harbour where many of the fishers kept their boats, and one of the Vila’s walls, which served as the back wall for some of the houses, a number of unique buildings are still standing to this day.

To round off your trip to Tossa…

Make sure you never forget this special day by taking the perfect photo against the backdrop of one of the most emblematic spots of the Costa Brava from the Mirador de Sant Jaume.

Start discovering Tossa today, and make it your dream holiday destination tomorrow.


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