Culture House

Av. del Pelegrí, 8

The Culture House, former Hospital of Sant Miquel, was founded in 1773 at Tomàs Vidal Rei’s last will. This man was an outstanding local figure considered to be the precursor of the indianos, i.e. Spaniards who returned from the Americas after making their fortune. Tomàs Vidal had travelled to both Puerto Rico and Guatemala long before King Charles III liberalized trade in 1765 by opening up Spanish ports to American ships. On his return to Tossa, Vidal donated much of his American fortune to the construction of a charity hospital for the poor.

The large, rectangular 2-storey hospital is built around a cloister, with a side chapel dedicated to St Michael, patron saint of 18th century hospitals in Catalonia. The simple baroque image of St Michael on the main altar, fashioned in nearby Cas Fuster workshop, is of particular interest.