Casa Sans

Plaça d’Espanya, 6 / Passeig de Mar, 41

Casa Sans is a unique eclectic-style house, commissioned in 1906 by Joan Sans to Antoni de Falguera. The building has an unusual sea-facing façade, with Modernist gargoyles representing the four seasons, trencadís mosaics made from glazed ceramic shards, and wrought iron similar to that found in Gaudí’s Casa Vicens in Barcelona. The façade was originally decorated with vegetal motifs and adorned with two female figures that have since disappeared.

Most of Antoni de Falguera’s original interior decoration is still preserved. The magnificent stained glass windows with their vegetal patterns and the spectacular fireplace are absolutely characteristic of the Catalan Modernist style. The marble staircase and the fountain with its Frederic Marès sculpture of Diana the Huntress both belong to a later period, after Casa Sans was acquired by the Vilallonga family in 1930.

The building is now a privately owned hotel.